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Bd Barcelona - Shiva Flower Vase by Ettore Sottsass Jr

Shiva Flower Vase - Limited Edition

Design: Ettore Sottsass Jr

In the beginning of the 70th Sottsass made different trips to Barcelona.He had fallen inl ove with a beautiful Catalan girl. As fruit of this love and his stay in our country has remained this piece for the history of our design. The golden version is a price award. It was producted specially for the 10th edition of the Signes Price Awards for Design students.

“...I continue to produce small, small, small architectures, such as this ceramic piece, for example, a little like monuments, a little like tombs, a little like the abandoned temples of the gods, a little like the ruins of the ancient and unknown civilization in which something –the say– was known; it is said that they understood the axes, the curves, the intersections, perhaps even the causation of the courses of the cosmic bodies, along which each day slide the private vertices of the atoms that make up our fragile flesh and blood”.
- Ettore Sottsass Jr.

An illustrious figure launched the roster of designs in the first Bd catalogue. Memphis was not to appear on the scene for another ten years, but Ettore Sottsars Jr. had already by then been visiting India for a decade. His “little architectures”, such as this flower vase, owe a great deal to that culture.

Material: Gold ceramic.

limited and numbered edition of 50 copies

Shiva Flower Vase Gold Dimensions:
W 17 D 7 H 23cm | W 6.7" D 2.76" H 9.06"

Limited Edition:
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