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Mari High Chair

Mari High Chair

Design: Julia Maria Künnap

The idea for the MARI high chair grew out of the everyday mealtime business of seating our daughter Mari at the table. Safely, comfortably and at the right height. With the added proviso that the harmony of the interior design of the home would not be disturbed.

After some experimentation and calculation, it became clear that a functional high chair should consist of nothing more than a soft surface to sit on, a padded support ring and four straight legs. MARI is meant for any child from the age when it can sit on its own until the moment when it can climb onto an adult's chair and its nose can be seen over the edge of the table. This happens surprisingly soon. If you need to adjust the back or footrest, then the child has already grown out of its feeding chair.

The chair is covered in natural cowhide so that no two are exactly alike. One of the greatest advantages of natural materials is that they age gracefully – each tiny scratch adorns the much used object, telling the story of the chair to younger siblings, cousins or grandchildren.

MARI is designed so that spilt food won't get stuck in grooves or seams. The chair can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and if necessary the leather surface can be washed. Afterwards the chair should be dried at once.

The serviceability of the MARI high chair was tested over the period of a year with babies of different temperaments. Its minimalist form, ideal for home or café, has a proven track record for reliability. The chair is extremely light, stable, one-piece and ready to use.

Mari High Chair Dimensions:
W 42cm D 42cm H 73cm | W 16.53" D 16.53" H 28.74"

€ 200,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 3-4 weeks

  • Vanilla Leather
€ 200,00
€ 200,00