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Brokis – Memory Wall by Boris Klimek

Memory Wall

Design: Boris Klimek

Playful, amusing, surprising – the Memory collection of ceiling and wall fixtures kindles the imagination and takes the beholder back to the carefree days of childhood. Three sizes and a range of colors allow you to turn your creativity loose in devising various lighting experiences. With the hanging strings serving to switch the lights on and off, there is nothing to interrupt the illusion of real balloons. This is beauty in its simplest and most effective form.

The craftsmanship applied in production follows in the centuries-old tradition and experience of master glassmakers. The precision crafting of hand-blown glass instills distinctive, enduring character and outstanding quality in all Brokis products. The glass shades are formed from multiple layers of molten glass, each of which is scrutinized by the master glassmaker prior to being blown into the mold. Up to 70% of the resulting quality is achieved in this stage of production. The triplex opal glass used in the production of the lampshade represents one of the highest quality materials used in the lighting industry. The sandwich combination of two transparent outer layers of crystal and an inner layer of white opal glass between them lend the glass outstanding optical properties, as do the carefully guarded handcraft techniques.

Canopy Surface Finish: MDF Canopy - White

Memory Wall Dimensions:
Ø 250mm H 263.5mm | Ø 9.84" H 10.37"
Ø 300mm H 317.5mm | Ø 11.81" H 12.5"
Ø 400mm H 423.5mm | Ø 15.57" H 16.67"
Light source not included: Ø 250mm = max. 40W, Ø 300mm = max. 60W, Ø 400mm = max. 60W

€ 145,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Small Ø 250mm PC881
  • Triplex Opal
  • Acid-Etched Both Side Surface
  • Light Switch - Black
€ 145,00
€ 145,00