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E15 – TA21 PLATZ by Philipp Mainzer


Design: Philipp Mainzer

The tray PEN beautifully structures the clean desk and office setting. Complementing the tray ITO, PEN is available in three different widths, holding and displaying pens and other stationary items. Available in solid European oak and walnut as well as luxurious polished brass, PEN is a precious item for any desk, celebrating the traditional way of writing and drawing by hand.

European Oak, Oiled
European Walnut, Oiled
Brass, Polished

AC12 PEN Oak and Walnut Dimensions:
L 304mm W 74mm H 28mm | L 11.97” W 2.91” H 1.1"
L 304mm W 151mm H 28mm | L 11.97” W 5.94” H 1.1"

AC12 PEN Brass Dimensions:
L 304mm W 38mm H 28mm | L 11.97” W 1.5” H 1.1"

€ 149,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • 304 x 74 x 28mm - European Oak
€ 149,00
€ 149,00
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