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spHaus - Baby Flirtstone 110 Armchair by Filippo Dell’Orto

Baby Flirtstone 110 Armchair

Design: Filippo Dell’Orto

This organic armchair is meant as an enhancement of the Flirtstones family. It is a round and asymmetrical lounge chair that can be coupled with its footstool. Despite the large seat, it is limited in dimensions: this makes it suitable for hotel lobbies and rooms, lounge areas and waiting rooms. Thanks to its considerable comfort it is also a residential product for domestic use. The structure is made of a fire retardant polyurethane foam. Fabric or leather upholstery is removable.

Fabrics - Kvadrat, Gabriel and Leather. Other materials: Shark - Sitab; Cruiseline, Ica, Cico Outdoor - Limonta; ARVE - India; NicoTrend - 290 Outdoor; Lani, Antigua, Ariana, Zanzibar - Vescom; Maharam - Scuba. Available on request.

Customer Own Material (COM) and Customer Own Leather (COL) also available.

Baby 110 Armchair / Poltrona Dimensions:
W 109cm D 96cm H 74cm | W 42.91" D 37.80" H 29.13"

$ 2,912.00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

$ 2,652.00
$ 2,912.00