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Cappellini – Simplon Table by  Jasper Morrison

Simplon Table

Design: Jasper Morrison

Series of tables and coffee tables with wooden or marble top and metal base.

Top - poplar plywood connected with aluminium/ marble. Finishings for top - natural oak/ wengè-stained oak, polish lacquer/ polish lacquer - extra, marble white Calacatta MBC. Base - aluminium. Finishings for base - anodized.

Polish lacquer - white, magnolia, butter, beige, desert, anthracite, black, light grey. Polish lacquer extra - sand, mustard, fog, dark grey, pink, hide red, bordeaux, mud, forest green, chocolate, chestnut brown, acid green, middle green, powder green, dark green, yellow, sun yellow, mandarin, mango, orange, cherry red, red, fuchsia, artic, cloud, turquoise, blue india, ultramarine blue, violet blue, blue indigo, China blue.

Simplon Table Dimensions:
Top - Rectangular/ elliptical
W 200cm D 90cm H 72cm | W 78.74" D 35.43" H 28.35"

Top - Rectangular
W 260cm D 90cm H 72cm | W 102.36" D 35.43" H 28.35

Top - Elliptical
W 260cm D 120cm H 72cm | W 102.36" D 47.24" H 28.35"

Top - Rectangular
W 180cm D 44cm H 28cm | W 70.87" D 17.32" H 11.02"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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