Item: 06604

Cappellini – Aviolux by Studio Cappellini


Design: Studio Cappellini

Aviolux is a collection of hanging cabinets which can create compositions suitable both for the home and for the office. Containers, available with leaf or flap door, can be combined among themselves or they can be combined with shelves, boards and benches of Sistema and have their all same colour of matt or polish lacquer. Aviolux is characterized by the thin thickness of its components, some made of high-density wooden chipboard, some in “file panel” aluminium, an extremely resistent material which has very high mechanical characteristics.

Matt/ polish lacquer - white, magnolia, butter, beige, desert, anthracite, black, light grey. Matt/ polish lacquer extra - sand, mustard, fog, dark grey, aluminium (matt only), pink, hide red, bordeaux, mud, forest green, chocolate, chestnut brown, acid green, middle green, powder green, dark green, yellow, sun yellow, mandarin, mango, orange, cherry red, red, fuchsia, artic, cloud, turquoise, blue india, ultramarine blue, violet blue, blue indigo, China blue.

Aviolux Dimensions:
Leaf door cabinet
W 90cm D 30.2/ 45.2cm H 72cm | W 35.43" D 11.89/ 17.80" H 28.35"

Flap door hanging cabinet
W 90cm D 30.2/ 45.2cm H 36cm | W 35.43" D 11.89/ 17.80" H 14.17"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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