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Arcamita - Feed Bird Feeder by Gary Cruce

Avian Architecture

Design: Gary Cruce

Welcome songbirds into your garden with a beautifully refined bird feeder. The natural allure of bentwood and clear windows attracts a variety of birds that are commonly found in every back-yard. Easy to fill and maintain; an over-hanging roof keeps birdseed dry and fresh.

The innate elegance of Feed and its open design, encourages relaxation and enjoyment.

Made of European Birch laminate, with walls of clear plexiglas and a strong cord, this bird feeder is weatherproofed by a high quality oil, composed entirely of natural elements.

Hang Feed from an eave or shepherds hook, or even a tree branch. For easy refilling of seed, simply slide the top along the support cable and open Feed. Periodically clean out old bird seed and brush out soil and debris with a paintbrush or dry cloth.

Seattle native Gary Cruce studied furniture design at London's Royal College of Art. He has worked on a wide range of projects and describes his work as 'natural, sturdy and uncomplicated'. Nest was first designed for his own backyard, and its success led him to create Feed, a bird feeder.

Feed: W 5.5" H 9.8" D 5.9" | W 14cm H 25cm D 15cm

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