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A Luxurious and Highly Desirable Feather Duster

Design: Nika Zupanc

With the feather duster Nika Zupanc upgrades her previous collection of purposefully and emotionally destabilized projects with yet another assortment of charming collectables. It is the kind of news that will cause many things to be reconsidered, while still leaving a little something to be crazy about.

"This shiny object noir is ready to offend you with the purity of its ambition. As blunt as a declaration of war and as piercing as beauty can be, it is an announcement of times to come. La femme et la maison collection is, first and foremost, turning the last sighs of the patriarchy into the cries of the she-almighty. Her shyness has now been replaced with the naked curves and shapes of lust and desire. Her passivity has been succeeded by the skilfully masked determination to rule your home."

Material: Lacquered ABS, Real Ostrich Feathers

Gift Box: luxury gift box laminated with leather texture canvas, black suede Red interior; hot foil print

Feather Duster: W 9cm H 74cm D 10cm | W 3.5" H 29.1" D 3.9"

€ 220,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 2-4 weeks

€ 220,00
€ 220,00