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Normann Copenhagen - Onkel Sofa 3 Seater  by Simon Legald

Onkel Sofa 3 Seater

Design: Simon Legald

Onkel (the Danish word for Uncle) is a sofa that combines the simplicity of modern forms with the soft curves of the olden days. The outer shell of the sofa has a firm expression, while the cushions are comfortable and inviting. The choice of materials adds a sensuous side with its characteristically Nordic connotations.

The Onkel sofa consists of a simple, upholstered frame with cushions. The inspiration for the cushions derives from the more bombastic upholstered sofas typical of the pre-1950s era. To emphasize the merger of two completely different worlds of expression, the back cushion has been elegantly encapsulated by the frame. The materials in Onkel create a dynamic effect with its plain-colored frame, mottled back and cushion and color-lacquered underframe. All in the same color shade. This is what makes Onkel stand as a complete unit.

"As a designer, I am curious about how the materials work together with the idea. Onkel is a sofa that was borne of a dialogue between trade and industry. In creating Onkel, I have revived old craftsmanship techniques and used them in a new context. In doing this, the details add character to Onkel."
- Simon Legald

Material: Textile: Gabriel/Fame & Gabriel/Step Melange or Leather: Sørensen Leather/Tango Leather, HR Foam, Nozaq Springs, Lacquered Ash.
Onkel consists of a solid wooden frame with Nozaq springs and HR 50 cold foam on the seat. On the backrest a softer cold foam is used for added comfort. The legs are made of ash wood lacquered to match in color.

Onkel Sofa 3 Seater Dimensions:
L 235cm D 80cm H 87cm | L 92.52" D 31.5" H 34.25"

€ 2.833,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Light Grey
€ 2.833,00
€ 2.833,00