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Normann Copenhagen -  Block Table Light Grey by Simon Legald

Block Table Light Grey - Mobile Side Table in a Light Design

Design: Simon Legald

Block is a mobile side table on wheels that has a light and airy expression. Block is a versatile piece of furniture with many different functions in the home.

Designer Simon Legald was inspired by the well-known tray table, when designing Block. The table has a rectangular shape and is easily moved using one of its four handles, which are natural extensions of the legs. Block has no specific direction and can be used from all four sides. This makes Block highly functional for multiple uses, including as a side table, tea table, coffee table and bedside table.

"For me, designing is an interaction between craftsmanship and industry, and both elements need to come together. Block is a simplification and modernization of the well-known tray table. It is a side table with wheels and an alternative to the traditional coffee table."
- Simon Legald

Material: Steel and ash

Block Table Light Grey Dimensions:
L 56cm W 15cm H 43cm | L 22.05" W 5.91" H 16.93"

€ 192,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

€ 192,00
€ 192,00