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Normann Copenhagen -Bell Lamp by Andreas Lund & Jacob Rudbeck

Bell Lamp - Bell-Shaped Ceiling Lamp

Design: Andreas Lund & Jacob Rudbeck

The expression of Bell is robust, the form is simple. Bell is a ceiling lamp in an iconic bell shape and with special attention paid to its details. Its round, even surface gives the lamp the impression of having been cast. Rather than being hidden, the gathering between the lead and the lamp is accentuated in a modern and original way.

With Bell, designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck have focused on designing a lamp where the design of the fixtures has space to unfold. The contrast between the materials creates a modern lamp. Bell is a directional lamp that changes character and creates new experiences when a person moves around it. The light inner side reflects the light, which falls like a cone and provides good lighting over, for example, the dining table.

"Often, the fixtures, or the part that connects the cord to the lamp, are not the primary aspect of a lamp’s design. They are more of a necessity. In Bell you have a lamp where the connection between the cord and the lamp is evident. Just as light is a gatherer, the bell has historically been used to call people to come together - to gather people. With its bell shape, Bell can also be used to create a cosy place to gather in the room."
- Andreas Lund & Jacob Rudbeck

Material: Aluminium
Light source: X-small EU: G9 Halogen (included). 20 Watt bulbs are recommended. Small, Medium, Large EU: E27 (big socket). Small, Medium, Large US: E26 (big socket). Low-energy 9 Watt bulbs are recommended.
4 m textile cord in matching color.

Bell Lamp Dimensions:

X-Small 1.5kg
Ø 22cm H 23cm | Ø 8.66" H 9.05"

Small 1.7kg
Ø 35cm H 37cm | Ø 13.78" H 14.57"

Medium 3.1kg
Ø 42cm H 44cm | Ø 16.53" H 17.32"

Large 3.4kg
Ø 55cm H 57cm | Ø 21.65" H 22.44"

€ 200,00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

  • Small | Ø 35cm H 37cm
  • Sand
  • EU
€ 200,00
€ 275,00