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Nomon -  Axioma g Clock - Gold by José María Reina

Axioma g - Gold

Design: José María Reina

It is Nomon's core concept clock. The simplicity of the movement of each hands.

Nomon Gold brings us to mind the subtle elegance of design in the 50’s. The perfect blend of natural wood with matt gold metal evokes the glamour of the always in vogue contemporary classics.This new vintage interpretation of Nomon’s jewel-clocks provides versatility to the Gold collection.

Material: wood and brass.
Finishes: Box: polished brass. Hands: walnut/ wenge.
Mechanism: UTS (germany)

Axioma g Dimensions:
Ø 74/100cm | Ø 29.13/39.37"

$ 347.00

Lead Time:
Approx. 2-3 weeks

  • Ø 74 cm | Polished Brass Box | Walnut Hands
$ 316.00
$ 347.00