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DePadova - Campo Arato Table by Paolo Pallucco

Campo Arato Table

Design: Paolo Pallucco

Seen from above it is like the countryside, with its geometric patterns of fields and plowed furrows. The three trapezoidal parts, joined by hinges, open and close to change the table’s form. Solid, in oak and ash hardwood, with a triangular-section milled surface.

Small table with a modular structure. A game of hinges and three trapezoidal parts that form the top and permit movement to create a table with different forms. When closed, it is square; moving the parts, the table takes on different configurations, all the way to a trapezoidal form.

Poplar plywood covered with solid ash wood.

Legs and top frame in solid oak. Stainless steel hinges. Adjustable feet.

Finish / Colour
Top: natural oak-stained ash wood, with triangular milled surface, treated with open-pore acrylic varnish. Base: natural oak with open-pore acrylic varnish.

Campo Arato Table: L 121cm W 121cm H 38cm | L 47.5" W 47.5" H 15"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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