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Iittala - Citterio 98 Gift Box 16set - Flatwear Cutlery by Antonio Citterio & Oliver Löw

Citterio 98 Set of 16 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery

Design: Antonio Citterio and Oliver Löw

The bold, distinctive design and the generous proportions has made Citterio 98 a frontrunner and a modern classic. The matte brushed stainless steel design fits every hand and feels equally at home in both formal and more relaxed dinner settings.

The Citterio 98 range of cutlery designed by Antonio Citterio of Italy and Glen Oliwer Löw of Germany is timeless. In designing the range, Citterio and Löw took the traditional cutlery of French cafés as their source of inspiration and updated it to meet the demands of contemporary functionalism:

“From the cook’s knife to the teaspoon, every item in Iittala’s Citterio 98 range of flatware displays the same perfectly balanced proportions.”
- Phaidon Design Classics

The flatware is available in your choice of a set of 16 or 24 pieces. It is also possible to create your own set.

Material: Matte Brushed 18/10 Stainless Steel

Made in Finland

Citterio - 16 piece set includes:
4 Dinner Forks: 20cm | 8"
4 Dinner Knives: 23cm | 9"
4 Dinner Spoons: 20cm | 7.75"
4 Coffee Spoons: L 13cm | L 5.25"

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€ 190,00

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€ 190,00
€ 190,00