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Iittala - Nappula Candleholder 183mm White by Matti Klenell

Nappula Candleholder 183mm White

Design: Matti Klenell

The Nappula candleholder was born when designer Matti Klenell visited the Nuutajärvi glass museum and fell in love with an unusually shaped table. Inspired by its distinctive design, he created a selection of modern candleholders. Available in brass as well as selected colors in powder coated steel, they combine his love of vintage and modern forms. As well as being incredibly practical, they’re already icons in the making.

Nappula Candleholder 183mm White Dimensions:
H 183mm | H 7.2"

EAN Code: 6428501111461

€ 40,00

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Approx. 2-4 weeks

€ 40,00
€ 40,00