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La Femme et la Maison - Konstantin B by Nika Zupanc

Konstantin B

Design: Nika Zupanc

Here comes a charming toy-like rollercoaster for you and your delusions. It is actually the compensation for all the things you simply did not do, polished to perfection. Except that it ceases to be comfortably navigable the moment you answer the instrument’s artificial call. There is no serial equipment to be expected, no gloves and no air bags, so caution is mandatory.

Although it is an instrument of tiny proportions, this is a poisonous item because it efficiently grooms your vanity into an asset of unavoidable dimensions.

Material: Body shell: fiberglass, colored and lacquered in a high-gloss finish. Aluminium or brass polished. Color combinations: black, white, green, yellow, red.

Konstantin B Dimensions:
W 27cm D 77cm H 37cm | W 10.63" D 30.31" H 14.57"

€ 1.650,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

  • Black
  • Aluminium Polished
€ 1.650,00
€ 1.650,00