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Iittala - Essence Red Wine Glass 45cl by Alfredo Häberli

Essence Red Wine Glass - The Art of Simplicity

Design: Alfredo Häberli

Essence introduced glassware to a new, idea-oriented design: as few glasses as possible for a full range of fine wines. Side by side they express a remarkable sense of balance, due to the stem and base being of the same size. Sensually pleasing to grasp and handle.

The Essence glasses have become a true demonstration of thoughtful design. Standing next to each other, they create a wonderful sense of balance. This is due to the fact that the stem and base of each glass are the same size, while the tumblers share similar proportions. They are easy to grasp and handle, and we suspect they make fine wines even more enjoyable.

The shape and attitude of Essence embodies the art of simplicity. You only get the essentials – yet this covers all your needs. Six multipurpose glasses and a carafe.

"My personal heritage was essential for this project. Knowing the gastronomic business well (restaurant & hotel in my family), my aim was to integrate this knowledge in a modern shape. Not losing the scientific functionality of a shape in relation to the liquid. The idea for the glass range was to create a balance between tradition and modernity, between celebration and daily use, a balance with one and different uses. In a way, I tried to find the essence in-between."
- Alfredo Häberli

Package contains set of two glasses

Essence Cocktail Bowl: desserts or Martinis
Red Wine Glass: can be used for beer
White Wine Glass: doubles as a cocktail glass or as a water glass
Sweet Wine Glass: liqueur or schnapps

Package contains set of two glasses

Essence Red Wine Glass: 45cl H 23cm Ø 7cm | 15oz H 9" Ø 2.75"

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