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Viccarbe - Aspa Lacquered by Francesc Rifé

Aspa Table with Laquered Finish Table Top

Design: Francesc Rifé

The ASPA top table is a “sandwich” consisting in two parts, where the underneath part is always lacquered in the same colour that the base (white or black) and the top is oak veneer MDF finished with the stain and lacquers. Base in gauged steel lacquered in thermo reinforced epoxy in black or white.

Aspa Table Dimensions:
Round Table - Height 40cm
Ø 60cm/Ø 80cm/Ø 100cm/Ø 120cm H 40cm | Ø 23.62/31.5/39.3747.24" H 15.75"

Square Table - Height 40cm
W 80cm D 80cm H 40cm | W 31.5" D 31.5" H 15.75"

Round Table - Height 74cm
Ø 60cm/Ø 80cm/Ø 100cm/Ø 120cm H 74cm | Ø 23.62/31.5/39.3747.24" H 29.13"

Square Table - Height 74cm
W 80cm D 80cm H 40cm | W 31.5" D 31.5" H 29.13"

Round Table - Height 110cm
Ø 60cm H 110cm | Ø 31.5" H 43.31"

€ 831,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 5-6 weeks

  • Ø 60cm, Height 40cm
  • White Tabletop
  • Black Base
€ 831,00
€ 831,00
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