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ClassiCon - Kilkenny Rug by Eileen Gray 1926-1935

Kilkenny Rug

Design: Eileen Gray 1926-1935

Eileen Gray created not only some of the most important furniture classics of the 20th century but also had her own studio where carpets were produced according to her designs. Some of her most beautiful patterns are now again available as re-editions: masterpieces of abstract textile art.

Kilkenny is a reminiscence by Eileen Gray on the green of her Irish homeland.

Authorised by The World Licence Holder Aram Designs Ltd, London

Rug made of 100% pure wool. Coloured with natural vegetable dyes. Hand-knotted with 80 knots per square inch (12.5 cm²).

Kilkenny Rug
L 225cm W 210cm | H 88.55" W 82.65”

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€ 8.352,00
€ 8.352,00
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