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A Loyal Friend and a Container to Conceal Cables

Design: Gabriel Nigro

Woofy can conceal your cables in his tummy. He’s cute, smart and doesn’t bite - Woofy is a cable container dog with many good qualities, lightweight, pure bred, with a smooth surface.

The story of Woofy is one of observation and love of design. Woofy was designed by Gabriel Nigro and the idea for Woofy came about during a visit to one of Gabriela's friends, who happened to have cables lying around all over his flat.

Gabriel drew Woofy in a plane on the way home, and by the time he landed Woofy was born. Woofy never needs to be walked, and all you need to feed him are cables.

Material: Hardened Plastic

Weight: 1.6 kg | 3.5 lbs.

Woofy: W 48cm H 33cm | W 18.90" H 12.99"

€ 141,00

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Approx. 3-5 weeks

€ 141,00
€ 141,00