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Emeco - 111 Navy Chair Recycled Coca-Cola PET Bottles

Recycled Chair Made from 111 Coca-Cola PET Bottles

Design: Emeco

The Coca-Cola Company and Emeco, have combined their iconic products, the Coca-Cola contour bottle package and the famous Navy® Chair, to create a new chair made from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles. Modeled after the original aluminium Emeco Navy Chair (#1006) designed in 1944 for the U.S. Navy, each 111 Navy Chair contains a mix of 60 percent rPET plastic and a special combination of other materials including pigment and glass fiber for strength.

In 2006, Coca-Cola came to Emeco with a proposal. Their recycling plant in Spartanburg South Carolina was brand new and processing thousands of plastic bottles a day and they were looking for ways to show the value of recycled plastic. Requiring a state-of-art mold, the new 111 Navy Chair™ includes the original stretcher (structural brace) below the seat. This detail not only assures authenticity, but creates great structural integrity. The 111 Navy Chair™ carries a 5-Year structural guarantee. The new chair has a distinctive, “velvet” finish that is scratch resistant. The new chair passes California and UK Fire Codes, along with BIFMA structural testing for commercial use.

When you recycle a plastic bottle, you're doing something good. When you recycle 111 of them, you're doing something great. Help your bottle become something extraordinary again.

Available in six colors: Red, Snow, Flint Gray, Grass Green, Persimmon Orange and Charcoal. Snow, Flint and Red can be used outdoors.

At least 111 rPET plastic bottles per chair.

111 Navy® Chair:

W 15.5" D 19.5" H 34" | W 39cm D 50cm H 86cm

Seat Height: 18" | 46cm

Weight: 13lb | 5.9kg

Delivery Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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