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Iittala - Aalto Bowl 75mm Sand by Alvar Aalto

Aalto Bowl 75mm Sand

Design: Alvar Aalto

Inspired by nature, Alvar Aalto simplified design elements and used a craftsman’s knowledge of the material to create design that allows for various combination’s of use. The Aalto vase caused waves in 1937 when it was first presented at the Paris world exhibition.

The mysterious form made a strong statement against industrial production that failed to meet human needs. Today it is an icon of a design movement.

A shape constantly interpreted, the Alvar Aalto collection of vases, bowls and platters stays true to the original design concept. More than 70 years after the original debut, the design continues to provoke attention by letting the owner decide its use and complementing our busy lives with a touch of nature. Filled with fresh cut flowers or arranged with other collection pieces as works of art, this eternal classic is essential to the modern home.

1933 Triennale, Milan, Gold Medal
1937 The Paris World Fair, Grand Prizen
1957 The Royal Gold Medal of Architecture, Great Britain
1963 Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects, USA
1972 Grande Medaille d'Or de l'Architecture 1972, France

The new pressed 75 mm glass bowl in the Alvar Aalto Collection adds needed variation to the collection. The bowl is a versatile object and can be used as a serving dish for sauces, desserts or cookies. The iconic piece sets the mood for any interior. Its practical size and versatility makes it the perfect gift.

Material: Mouth-Blown Glass

Made in Finland

Aalto Bowl 75mm Sand
Dimensions: 7.5cm | 2.95"

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€ 32,00
€ 32,00