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Astep – Model 1095 by Gino Sarfatti

Model 1095

Design: Gino Sarfatti 1968/2013

This floor lamp, designed in 1968, is slender, graceful and intriguing in its disproportions between head and base. The design of the small re ective cup is strongly in uenced by the new halogen light bulb, which Gino Sarfatti explored and celebrated in Model 1095 from both a functional and a dimensional perspective.

Offering indirect light in a subtle design, the luminaire is made up of a tubular aluminum stem available in three different heights and painted slate grey. The small reflective cup with its thin shape is made of white-painted aluminium, and so is the base with the appealing soft shape and neat collar.

In the re-issue, the base covers the electronic devices instead of a transformer, and besides LED lighting, the luminaire has also been upgraded with a water cooling system patented by Flos.

Technical Specifications
Materials: Aluminum Body, Reflector and Base
Finish: Black Stem with White Base
Light Source: LED, 25 watt, 2700 K, 1850 lm, CRI 93

Model 1095 Dimensions:
∅ 20 cm H 170 cm | ∅ 7.87" H 66.92"
∅ 20 cm H 185 cm | ∅ 7.87" H 72.83"
∅ 20 cm H 200 cm | ∅ 7.87" H 78.74"

€ 1.576,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 1-2 weeks

  • 170 cm Height
  • EU Plug
€ 1.576,00
€ 1.576,00
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