Item: 45351



Design: Favaretto&Partners

The Helix chair in solid wood features back legs that were explicitly inspired by aeroplane propellers from the early 1900s. The geometrical cross-section changes continuously along the structure, giving it a new, dynamic look. The thin multi-layered wooden seat comes plain or upholstered in fabric. The slim-line backrest is available naked or as a version featuring a “corset” of elasticised cord.

Helix Dimensions:
H 74.2cm W 49.5cm D 52.5cm | H 29.21" W 19.49" D 20.67"

$ 423.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 3-5 weeks

  • Seat: Oak | Backrest: Naked
  • Without Upholstery
$ 381.00
$ 423.00