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Line Cushion 50x60cm

Line Cushion 50x60cm

Design: Britt Bonnesen

Line is a series of cushions in two sizes, made from lovely wool blends. The design is simple and stylish with classic stripes in different widths and subtle tone-on-tone color combinations. In her design, Britt Bonnesen has varied the mix of stripes, so the two different sizes of cushion each have their own expression. The combination of rough and fine structures gives life to the design, and the unique interplay of the lines attracts the eye.

Designer Britt Bonnesen says, "I wanted to design a cushion with a timeless, and at the same time contemporary, pattern. For me, the stripes are the essence of just that. The Line cushions' single shaded color play gives an understated and calm look."

Line is available in two sizes and nine color combinations, spanning the entire spectrum of colors. With its simple design and appealing colors, Line is easy to match with other cushions and elements in your furnishings.

MATERIAL: Textile: Gabriel/Note & Gabriel/Swing 600 gr Synthetic Filling

Line Cushion 50x60cm Dimensions:

Height: 50 cm, Length: 60 cm

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€ 62,00
€ 62,00