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Astera Floor

Astera Floor




Astera Floor

Design: Claesson Koivisto Rune

Astera is a family of lamps designed specifically for hospitality. The name Astera comes from the ancient Greek word astron or ‘star,’ because the slightly prismatic shape of the lamp looks like a distant star. The characteristic pentagon of the diffuser and base allows for this lamp to fit easily into corners.

A recurring challenge for architects and interior designers is the positioning of furniture, lamps and design objects so that they are in harmony with their surroundings. With this in mind, Astera is perfect for positioning anywhere thanks to its pentagonal shape, perfected and personalized to give it a distinctly rounded effect.
The plastic polymer diffuser is translucent and emits highly refractive light. The base and stem are in metal. Its E27 socket means that either compact fluorescent or retrofit LED light sources can be used.

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