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Aalto Collection Bowl 504mm Plywood

Alvar Aalto Collection Bowl 504mm Plywood

Design: Alvar Aalto

The Aalto bowl made of plywood is a great addition to the iconic Alvar Aalto Collection.

This interior object can be used to display and serve dry food, for example peanuts, candies, fruits or biscuits.

Birch plywood is a natural and vivid material. Each plywood bowl is unique on its surface pattern. Lacquer has been applied to give a smooth, glossy finish. After a couple of years in use the color of the plywood might turn to yellowish due to the nature of the wood.

Care instructions: Damp wipe only.

EAN code: 6411923656146

Dimensions: 504mm | 19.84"

€ 82,00

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€ 82,00
€ 82,00