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Flask Pendant Smoke Ball

Flask Pendant Smoke Ball

Design: Tom Dixon

Reminiscent of a mysterious chemistry experiment, Flask is a spherical object made up of two hand-blown glass components.

This 18cm pendant light can be hung in multiples or as a single pendant. The ridged and rounded base refracts the light giving a warm, rippled and comforting glow, while the smoked-glass hood covers the lamp fitting reducing glare. As each product is handmade slight variances in colour occur between each item.

Voltage: CE 220V

Flask Pendant Smoke Ball Dimensions:
Ø 18cm H 16.50cm | Ø 7.09" H 6.50"

$ 243.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 2-4 weeks

$ 219.00
$ 243.00