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Kaasa Tealight Candleholder 141x115mm Desert

Kaasa Tealight Candleholder - Desert




Kaasa Tealight Candleholder 141x115mm Desert

Design: Ilkka Suppanen

Kaasa is a modern fireplace inspired by an ancient beacon. ‘Kaasa’ which once was an important seamark for Finnish sailors, gives the inspiration for this traditional, yet modern focal point reminiscent of an open fire. The flame is housed on a steel base and the outer layer is mouth-blown glass, which sets the mood for relaxing moments.

The elegantly round shape of Kaasa candle holder reflects gentle light. Kaasa tealight candleholder's outer part is mouth-blown glass while the inner part is made of polished stainless steel. To be used only with regular tea light candles. For indoor use only.

Kaasa Tealight Candleholder Desert Dimensions:
141 x 115mm | 5.55" x 4.53"

EAN Code: 6411923653558

$ 75.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 2-4 weeks


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