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All Steel+ Casserole 6 L

All Steel+ Casserole 6 L

Design: Pentagon Design

The new Hackman All Steel+ cookware range brings a new touch to cooking. The finished design combined with the best materials make cooking enjoyable. All Steel+ is ideal for professional home chefs who appreciate the best tools in the kitchen. All products have the silent and efficient original 5-layer base that is optimised for induction hobs. In the All Steel+ product family design is combined with all the technical expertise. New All Steel+ is made of durable and easy-clean 18/10 stainless steel.

All Steel + product family has the original 5-layer base that makes the product completely silent on induction hobs. 5-layer base also conducts heat evenly and efficiently.

The cookware in the All Steel+ product family features the new ceramic Ceratecº coating, which conducts heat extremely well. The excellent heat conducting properties of the coating means that it browns beautifully, guarantees a beautiful frying surface and most importantly-makes your food taste better. The new ceramic Ceratecº coating is also 20 % more non-stick compared to the previous Ceratecº coating.

The saucepan and casseroles have stainless steel lid with convenient steam vent and measuring scale inside of products. This machine washable cookware is ovenproof at temperatures of up to 240 °C. All Steel+ is made at Hackman factory in Finland.

The All Steel cookware range is brought to you by Pentagon Design, a design sector pathfinder in the Nordic countries that has won several awards in major international design competitions. The company’s founders, Arni Aromaa and Sauli Suomela, were also distinguished with the 2012 Finnish State Prize for Design

All Steel+ Casserole 6 L Dimensions:
Top Ø 24cm | Ø 9.45"
Bottom and Induction Zone Ø 22cm | Ø 8.66"
Thickness of the Base: 7mm | 0.27"
Volume: 6L | 202.88oz

€ 82,00

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€ 82,00
€ 82,00