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Kastehelmi Jar 116x114mm Grey

Kastehelmi Jar 116x114 Grey

Design: Oiva Toikka

The classic Kastehelmi range by Oiva Toikka has become one of the most popular ranges in the Iittala collection. A newly designed jar and tumbler follow the Kastehelmi range essentials, lifting up the everyday with tactile structure and vivid colours.

The new Kastehelmi jars are perfect for storing small things in all rooms of the house. It is as suitable for cotton pads in the bath-room as it is as a serving dish at the dinner table, aligned with Iittala philosophy of multi-functionality and versatility. The Kastehelmi jars are available in two heights and three colors: clear, grey and desert. The lid makes the jar nicely stackable.

Kastehelmi is an easy way of bringing a dash of festivity to everyday moments, and it’s just as easy to set the table of celebration around it. It is easy to mix and match with items at home or other Iittala items, such as Teema, Taika, Kartio and Kivi.

Professor Toikka has always been a man of practicality and that applies to Kastehelmi, too. “I have always seen Kastehelmi as a versatile range. If you eventually get tired of using it as tableware, it works also as decoration for the home.”

Kastehelmi Jar Dimensions:
116 x 114mm | 4.57" x 4.49"

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€ 28,00

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Approx. 2-4 weeks

€ 28,00
€ 28,00