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E15 – LT04 COLOUR by Daniel Rybakken, Andreas Engesvik


Designs: Daniel Rybakken, Andreas Engesvik

Emitting beautiful atmospheric light, NORTH is a sculptural floor and table light with distinct underlying simplicity. Reduced to a core circular shape, the light playfully signifies abstract geometry or lunar phases, changing its appearance depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Steel, powder-coated
Signal White/Glass, Solid Coloured, Rosé/Glass, Solid Coloured, Blue

LT04 COLOUR Dimensions:
Signal White: Ø 700mm | Ø 27.56"
Rosé: Ø 750mm D 1050mm | Ø 29.53" D 41.34"
Blue: Ø 750mm D 850mm | Ø 29.53" D 33.46"

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€ 2.232,00
€ 2.232,00
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