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E15 – AC14 ESTIVA by e15


Design: e15

The blanket ESTIVA is woven of finest Belgian linen blend. Its lightness and surface make it ideal for spring and summer time. Available in the colours emerald, coral and sapphire, ESTIVA evokes associations with the gentle, yet colourful and noble landscapes of the Amalfi coast. The blanket’s structure is based on a simple basket weave while its lush fringes draw special attention.

50% Linen, 50% Polyacrylics (Coral, Emerald and Sapphire)

AC14 ESTIVA Dimensions:
L 1450mm W 1900mm H 5mm| L 57.09" W 74.80" H 0.2"

€ 307,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Coral
€ 307,00
€ 307,00