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PP Møbler - Wegner PP130 Circle Chair by Hans J. Wegner

Wegner PP130 Circle Chair

Design: Hans J. Wegner

In 1986 PP Møbler initiated the production of this remarkable chair, which Wegner designed for the workshop. Like the Flag Halyard Chair, the Circle Chair's design appears unconnected with both historical predecessors and Wegner's remaining production.

The Circle Chair shows that Wegner was able to maintain his enthusiasm and innovative spirit despite an already long career. The solid wood and the plaited flag line are elements which are recurrent in Wegner's extensive production.

It was necessary for master of crafts Søren Holst Pedersen and master journeyman Henry Fisker to develop a special machine for manufacturing it in wood - which Wegner himself actually did not think was even possible.

Wegner PP130 Circle Chair Dimensions:
L 112cm W 94cm H 97cm | L 63/ 70.87" W 33.86" H 28.35"

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

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