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Casalis - Bonnet Outdoor by Liset van der Schee

Bonnet Outdoor

Design: Liset van der Scheer

Bonnet Outdoor by Liset van der Scheer for Casalis is an original concept of pouffes for use both indoors and outside. With their knitted, removable and simple-to-clean covers, they are easy to change and always provide a delightful palette of colour. The covers are designed for outstanding performance against the elements. They are water-repellent and always keep their colour, even when exposed to UV light, swimming pool water and seawater.

Material: 95% acryl + 5% elastic yarn

Bonnet Outdoor Dimensions
Palla Small
W 50cm H 36cm | W 31.5" H 35.4"

Palla Medium
W 60cm H 44cm | W 23.62" H 17.32"

Rocca Small
W 44cm H 38cm | W 17.32" H 14.96"

Rocca Medium
W 53cm H 45cm | W 20.87" H 17.72"

Quadrato Medium
W 56cm H 26cm | W 10.24" H 22.05"

Quadrato Large
W 85cm H 28cm | W 33.46" H 11.02"

W 90cm H 36cm | W 35.43" H 14.17"

W 80cm H 90cm | W 31.5" H 35.4"

$ 349.00

Delivery Time:
Approx. 3-4 weeks

  • Palla Small
$ 318.00
$ 349.00