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Iittala - Teema Mini Serving Set 3 pcs White by Kaj Franck

Teema Mini Serving Set 3 pcs White

Design: Kaj Franck

The new mini serving set shows Franck’s basic forms – the orb, a square and a triangle – in a modern way. The three-piece pack makes a nice serving set for pleasant occasions, such as enjoying tapas dishes with friends or for a cosy breakfast where it can hold, for example, tea bags or marmalade.

Kaj Franck designed similar small dishes but they have never been included in the Teema range. These new versions of the items have been created under the guidance of Oiva Toikka and Heikki Orvola. Both close friends of Kaj Franck, these two professors have been entrusted with his artistic legacy. Orvola has been personally responsible for the final design of the new products.

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€ 31,00
€ 31,00