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E15 – CP01 YAZD by Philipp Mainzer

Hand-woven Carpet

Design: Philipp Mainzer

The CP01 YAZD carpet is always a functional and complementing accessory. Each carpet is hand-woven in nepal using traditional tools and methods. With a knot density of 80 knots per square centimeter the weave displays an exceptional “super 80's” quality.

Each carpet is made of pure, hand-spun new wool from the tibetan highlands, with patterned stripes gained by weaving in strands of contrasting silk. In addition to the offered sizes, orders can also be customized on a per square meter basis upon request. We guaranty that each CP01 YAZD is produced in a socially conscious and environmentally responsible manner without involving child labor.

Material: Wool - pebble grey, quartz grey, umbra grey, grey brown. Silk - white, black.

CP01 YAZD Dimensions
L 2500mm W 2000mm H 10mm | L 98.43" D 78.74” H 0.39”

L 3000mm W 2500mm H 10mm | L 118.11" D 98.43” H 0.39”

Xtra Large
L 3500mm W 3000mm H 10mm | L 137.8" D 118.11” H 0.39”

€ 5.859,00

Lead Time:
Approx. 6-8 weeks

  • Standard: 2500mm x 2000mm
  • Wool - Pebble Grey | Silk - White
€ 5.859,00
€ 5.859,00
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