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Iittala – Vitriini 108mm Sea Blue by Anu Penttinen

Interior Jewels - Vitriini Multipurpose Boxes

Design: Anu Penttinen

Everyone probably has little things on their tables and shelves that always somehow seem to be 'homeless'. Iittala’s new range of Vitriini boxes offers an excellent solution for storing these thing – and showcasing them as well. The range has been created by glass designer Anu Penttinen, an artist who is known for her masterful use of colour.

Penttinen has designed a true mix and match collection of glass, wood and aluminium pieces. Given the Finnish name "Vitriini" for glass display cabinets, exhibit your mood, personality or whatever else your heart desires. They are the perfect playthings to create a system that is your own.

The multipurpose boxes in the Vitriini range are ideal for storing keys, jewels, accessories, buttons, or even the little works of art that young children like to give their parents – and the parents often love to collect. Everyone has carte blanche to do their own thing with Vitriini.

"Vitriini is great for keeping your little, but important things in order and where you want them, on your desk, on your bedside table, or in your wardrobe. Finding just the accessory you want before you go out, for example, becomes so much easier," says Anu Penttinen. She would like to see everyone come up with their own way of making the most of the range. "One way is to use Vitriini without their lids, which makes the most of their showcase qualities and focuses the attention on what they contain."

Vitriini 108mm Sea Blue Dimensions:
W 108mm L 108mm | W 4.3" L 4.3"

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€ 49,00
€ 49,00