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Iittala - Teema Pitcher 0.2 L by Kaj Franck

Teema Pitcher 0.2 L

Design: Kaj Franck

Teema is the classic expression of essential design thinking, with each object derived from the basic forms: circle, square or rectangle. As Kaj Franck put it, “Colour is the only decoration needed.” Teema is highly versatile, endlessly combinable and serves all your changing dining needs.

In addition to colour, functionality was also important to Kaj Franck. His classic Teema pitcher was designed in 1948, when refrigerators were still rare. With its tight fitting cork the pitcher could be used for carrying, storing and serving. You could take it with you to a dairy and bring home 2 litres of cream. The practical slim design meant that it could fit in the gap between double-glazed windows. Color in white.

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€ 24,00
€ 24,00