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Artifort - Manhattan by Patrick Norguet


Design: Patrick Norguet

Just as a spectacular city like New York is made up of different neighbourhoods, Manhattan’s simple elements can be put together to form a spectacular seating arrangement.

Urban architecture inspired Patrick Norguet to create a modular seating unit that has almost endless variations. A luxurious place for informal gatherings, an island to relax on, a comfortable space to stretch out and rest. Ideal for reception areas, or for your living room.

The many possibilities of this seating arrangement, which consists entirely of separate elements, make it suitable for all sorts of purposes. There’s a chaise longue, a seat with or without backrest, a corner element, and a pouffe.

The loose elements of the Manhattan series can be linked.The composition can be changed into other compositions. Mdf floor plate in white, black or aluminium. The sofa has adjusting feet which means that the inclination angle and seating height can be fixed slightly. Upholstery in two fabrics available; one fabric for the seat and complete back and one for the side parts.

Cushion 40x40/ 50x50/ 60x60
Floor plate lacquered in white, black or aluminium

Manhattan Arm Dimensions:
W 22cm D 45cm H 12cm | W 8.66" D 17.72" H 4.72"

Manhattan Corner Dimensions:
W 116cm D 118cm H 73cm | W 45.67" D 46.46" H 28.74"

Manhattan Seat with Back Dimensions:
W 95cm D 93cm H 73cm | W 37.4" D 36.61" H 28.74"

Manhattan Lounge Dimensions:
W 95cm D 150cm H 73cm | W 37.4" D 59.06" H 28.74"

Manhattan Seat without Back Dimensions:
W 95cm D 86cm H 30cm | W 37.4" D 33.86" H 11.81"

Manhattan Ottoman Dimensions:
W 95cm D 86cm H 30cm | W 37.4" D 33.86" H 11.81"

Lead Time:
Approx. 8-9 weeks

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