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Cristal Carafe

Very Simple – Very Practical

Design: Marcel Wanders

A sculpted, transparent glass carafe, the Cristal Carafe comes complete with five cups sculpted in rich colored plastic. The unexpected contrast creates a pleasing dynamic between cold and warm materials, rigid lines and soft shapes, making it as visually striking as it is refreshing.

Design Prize Winner: Formidable Award, Formex Priset, Sweden

Set comes with five multicolor cups.

Material: Glass, Plastic
Thick glass construction makes the product very solid and durable

Cristal Carafe: Ø 8cm H 29.5cm 1 litre | Ø 3.15" H 11.61" 33.81oz

5 Cups: 25 cl.| 8.5oz

€ 37,00

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Approx. 2-4 weeks

€ 37,00
€ 37,00