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Vitra - Classic Trays Eden by Alexander Girard

Classic Trays Eden

Design: Alexander Girard, 1966

The quality of furnishings does not only manifest itself in large objects. As important as the choice and composition of furniture, lighting and textiles are for our sense of well being at home.

It’s the small things - the various accessories, pictures, plants, mementos and occasional finds we have collected - that play a major role in our emotional attachment to the home. In recent decades only a few designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard and George Nelson, have been aware of this. Starting with the same ideas in the mid twentieth century they created furnishings and equipment in which small things always had an important place.

It is with this thought in mind that the Classic Trays now being brought onto the market by the Vitra design Museum should be viewed.

High-grade thermoset, dishwasher safe, food safe.

Classic Trays - Eden
H 20 W 460 D 355 mm | H 0.8 W 18.1 D 14.0"

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